Perfect Stranger

I’m trying something new for the next couple of weeks – I’ve been writing A Righteous Revival for the past three years and I’d like to feature some past stories. With some of my re-blogs, I’m going to include follow ups as in what has changed since the first time this particular blog was posted. Tonight, I give you “Perfect Stranger,” a recount of the day I lost my father to his battle with cancer, one of the saddest, life changing moments in my life.

A Righteous Revival

I was sitting solemnly on one of the numerous staircases of Grand Central Terminal’s main hall, my head heavily resting in my right hand and elbows upon my knees.  I wasn’t admiring the intricately designed ceilings or patiently waiting for my transportation to arrive.  I was people watching and anyone who has ever been to Grand Central knows that it is quintessentially one of the sole greatest places on earth to do such a thing.  Not only was I watching the people hurriedly come and go but I was preoccupied with thoughts on what their lives were presently like – I was focusing on the simple fact that we all have a story to tell and I was wondering what each of their stories was.  Moreover, I was curious as to what each of his or her struggle was – what each individual was fraught with.

My particular struggle that…

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