An Ode to Poetry

I have an entire Rubbermaid bin full of my writing dating way back to when I was about six years old and still using monochrome computers in school. One of my first computer-typed stories was titled, “The Wolf’s Tree.” I recall my brother assisting with the edits of this very short story involving a wolf trying to save the trees from being chopped down in the rainforest. I’ll save that amateur story for another post but I wanted to share a poem I came across in this Rubbermaid bin titled, “Have a Safe Flight.” I’m pretty certain I wrote it circa 2007/2008 before submitting an entire manuscript of poetry to an anthology. I rarely write poetry these days though I still maintain an affinity for the style. Anyhow, I give you the downright sappy, in young love, “Have a Safe Flight.”

You kissed her lips as she waved goodbye and then you muttered, “have a safe flight”

You held her tight as she cried herself to sleep in your bed that forsaken night

Brushing the hair away from her face, you gazed intensely into her tired, brown eyes

You made love to her on the sand and told her she was beautiful so many times

You nursed her to health when she was sick and convinced her it would be all right

You played her that song, the one about despite the distance, everything would be fine

Even confessed to her friend how you loved her and felt so lucky to have her in your life

You told her you wanted her and only her, making it all seem so worth the fight

When she returned, you told her you’d walk the many miles to her house late that night

Refused to drive until she gave you those kisses while holding up traffic at the green light

You slow danced with her, just the two of you in your room, amongst the candlelight

You invited her over, surprised her with dinner and even white wine

You ran her a hot bath, rubbed her back, played with her hair and still, stood the time

She gave you her everything because little did you know, you changed her life.


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