I have unfortunately discovered, much to my monumental disappointment, that I live in a world that would much rather hide behind the guise of an indium tin oxide screen, transmitting fragment sentences that may or may not contain the usage of punctuation and inevitably glorify the act of being “busy.” Realness is hard to come by in this day and age and there’s nothing more lonely than being one of the realest people you know in a crowd of cell-phone toting, acronym over-using, passive aggressive, dishonest excuse makers who would rather communicate their shallow emotions and thoughts through emoji.

You would think in this day and age of such advancements in technology, communication wouldn’t be an issue but oftentimes, things are getting lost in translation or autocorrect. Emotions, intonations, and sincerity – it’s all become hostage to pocket-sized pieces of plastic and metal that sufficiently do the job for the human. Sadly, in the present day, texting, “hope to see you soon” is good enough even though ninety-five percent of the time, the person sending the text knows very well, he/she doesn’t hope that and is doing it as a means of feeling better about him/herself. In other words, sending a message void of actual intention or sentiment is the status quo.

We’ve become a society that places great value in words typed out across a computer screen, words that nine times out of ten will not correspond with any type of action. Gone are the days of talking the talk and walking the walk – it’s more like typing the text and like for like. And it’s depressing.


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