Everything in Moderation


The subject of human connection and interaction has been coming up a lot lately in the last couple of weeks. I’m witness to a world that is much more comfortable hiding behind the guise of a cell phone or computer screen. It’s disheartening that the text message has triumphed over the phone call or the email over the in-person conversation.

There is nothing quite like the sincerity and the take away of the good old fashioned, personal exchange over a cup of coffee.  Sitting within close proximity of another living, breathing human being, sharing and listening.  The ability to look that person in the eyes while language is being spoken, to hear the inflections of tone and to see the various emotions that correspond with the topic of discussion – I will choose that kind of connection over Messenger any day.

A large part of my growth over the last couple of months has been focusing on that real human connection- even if it simply means connecting with myself – turning off the computer, silencing the cell, and just being present.

Picking up the phone, writing a thank-you note on pretty stationery and sincerely remembering to make human connections, even if they last an hour, a year, or a minute, I am well aware of the value of person to person.  I have seen and experienced the dangers of what screen to screen can pose and my mother’s, “Everything in moderation” mantra wholly applies.


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