Dear Readers

A Righteous Revival

Dear readers, I simply wanted to drop a line, this evening, as I am diligently writing to complete a story that is near and dear to me. I have a couple of weeks to meet a deadline, for a prominent literary magazine and to have my story repeatedly edited and polished for submission. I do not wish to neglect my blog nor especially my readers so please accept this as my humble apology for the fewer and far between posts as of late.

When I decided to embark on this new chapter (no pun intended) of submitting my writing to professional literary magazines and other media outlets, I wasn’t certain if I wanted to share it or keep it under wraps for fear that “nothing will come of it.”   I realized that nothing coming of it was impossible because I can submit my writing over and over to a hundred…

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A Righteous Revival

It’s fascinating how one day someone who was once the very center of your life is no longer the center, the back or front, not even the very far side. This person is simply no longer a part of your life – This person whom for years was considered in almost every single life decision you made right down to the minute dinner plans on a Friday night after work to the living arrangements thousands of miles away on the other side of the country.

It has come to my attention that I rarely speak of David, let alone think of him. This does not mean I don’t have any more stories to show and tell but in case any of my dear readers were curious, I thought I’d use this blog to address the lack of tales of life with David.

My therapist is frequently encouraging me to express pride in my accomplishments and I can say that I am extremely proud of the woman I have become for having made it through the three years I spent with David and the three years thereafter. I would not be the person who I am today had I not met him and married him. The past three years since our split have opened so many doors, professionally and personally, that I can no longer confidently utter regret for the short life I spent loving him.

I have come so far in self-awareness and personal growth that I simply don’t think about that past life very often. And when I do, the thoughts have thankfully taken their proper place among my life experiences and my perspective is no longer one of cynicism and bitterness but realism and subjective development. I suppose one could call it a righteous revival.


Everything in Moderation


The subject of human connection and interaction has been coming up a lot lately in the last couple of weeks. I’m witness to a world that is much more comfortable hiding behind the guise of a cell phone or computer screen. It’s disheartening that the text message has triumphed over the phone call or the email over the in-person conversation.

There is nothing quite like the sincerity and the take away of the good old fashioned, personal exchange over a cup of coffee.  Sitting within close proximity of another living, breathing human being, sharing and listening.  The ability to look that person in the eyes while language is being spoken, to hear the inflections of tone and to see the various emotions that correspond with the topic of discussion – I will choose that kind of connection over Messenger any day.

A large part of my growth over the last couple of months has been focusing on that real human connection- even if it simply means connecting with myself – turning off the computer, silencing the cell, and just being present.

Picking up the phone, writing a thank-you note on pretty stationery and sincerely remembering to make human connections, even if they last an hour, a year, or a minute, I am well aware of the value of person to person.  I have seen and experienced the dangers of what screen to screen can pose and my mother’s, “Everything in moderation” mantra wholly applies.