A Silent but Lethal Aggression


Grief – here’s what I know about grief. She’s always uninvited when she arrives, rudely pounding upon the fragile doors of a weakened soul. She takes, with her, innocence, should there be any left from her previous visits. Robs would be a more accurate word – she robs you of any innocence that might be left, greedily devouring the purities of an inexperienced heart.

Grief is relentless, overbearing – a mostly silent but lethal aggression.  She leaves an impression with every visit so that the lesson you learned during her presence is relived time and time again, triggered by subtleties be it a song, a scent or a date on a calendar.  Sometimes, usually in her earlier visits, she obliterates you into a seemingly perpetual state of agonizing denial. If you’re lucky, this won’t last long because feeling out of control is enough but feeling out of control and unable to distinguish reality from its distant cousin, denial, is gut-wrenching.


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