A Vulnerable Vessel and Inevitable Loss

Two years ago, I ruminated on the price of love…This is the risk our hearts take each time life introduces it to another human being…

A Righteous Revival

I’ve heard it been said that we must experience the worst, what we ultimately do not want in order to fully appreciate and recognize the best, what we deserve. We become better equipped to distinguish early on if this person or this situation is something we wish to prolong or merely something we wish to rid our life of immediately. Meeting someone that acknowledges my resilience and accepts me for me – the good, the bad and the ugly – with an unexpected admiration is an extraordinary bonus in the progressive direction that my life has only begun to take.

Let me be honest with myself and you, my reader, that I do not readily accept this person’s admiration with open arms as I’ve been too busy shamefully quarreling with my however understandable, irrational fears and brooding in the darkness of a damaged heart. I’ve naturally been one to walk…

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