A Human Experience, Honesty and Persistence

I have discovered a human experience I might not have realized was so indelibly relatable a mere five years ago. It is that of the desire to give up, throw in the towel per se. There is great significance in its complete and honest admission, and while many have told this story before me there are always the readers. The readers listen for that part, that sentence or that analogy that enables them to feel a little less alone and a lot more human.

I have experienced the desire to give up many times but innately I am someone who keeps putting one foot in front of the other, almost like a reflex. If I were to stop moving, stop trudging forward, I would find myself doing it anyhow, as if on autopilot. Believe me, I’ve tested this theory.

I do believe that this is the case for most human beings. Some of us are tested and some of us, not so much. This is wherein the unfairness lies, however, I have had to give up any faith that we will ever live in a just world. Not because I don’t think it possible but because I don’t think it beneficial. If life was fair, I have a hunch that our compassion would be diluted with a cap and our strength would be borderline superficial.

I suppose, in summation, what I’m saying is that our differences, our varied experiences are what sometimes make the world a beautiful place. The unjustness provides a contrast from which we are able to cast a bright light on our boundless fortitude, to give credit where credit is due, to accept that credit with a humble grace and to know that we have almost all been there.



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