Not a Bad Thing to Fall in Love

Does everyone inadvertently fall in love or does it ever happen at will? I don’t think I’ve ever willingly said, I’m going to fall helplessly, madly in love with this individual that I barely know followed by, I’m going to want to spend all of my free time with this person that was once non-existent or an after thought to me. Wouldn’t it be complete madness if one actually went into a relationship with a person thinking that his/her plans were to fall in love, to desire fulfilling another person’s wants/needs before his/her own? Shouldn’t such individuals be placed in a straight jacket? Falling in love is like professing one’s own, inner insanity and nine times out of ten, I believe it to be completely against one’s will.

I’m no surfboarder but I reckon falling in love is synonymous with riding that perfect wave, experiencing that rush of adrenaline as the wave carries you seemingly effortlessly, gliding along the sea water, never wanting for that high to end. If only that single wave could be bottled permanently – if only the tides, the rise and fall were exclusively at our whim – perhaps then the exhilaration of falling in love with a single human being could be experienced and savored for eternity.

Can one hinder or stop the process of “falling in love” all together? Can one simply walk away from such happenings as if the very act of falling didn’t even ever happen in the first place? Is there a metaphoric off switch for the relentless desire to spend every second of your existence with a person? And if not, then how might one salvage that desire in its entirety for what our perception has proven itself time and time again to unfortunately not exist – forever?


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