Create or Die in Silence

I once read somewhere that we must create or die in silence.  As an artist, I take this very seriously and my blog is one of my creations.  I am very proud of its development.  I hope to one day turn these posts into a paperback memoir that will sit nicely upon the bookshelves of your local bookstore, preferably next to David Sedaris’ latest jewel.

In all forms of art, there will inevitably be critics – those who absolutely adore the placement of a bedazzled graphic upon the breast of an intarsia sweater or those who can’t stand the melody of the recent song you finished composing and posted on YouTube.  There will be those who buy that paperback book you just self published because they enjoy your style of writing or the synopsis makes them laugh and there will also be those who will leave nasty comments on your blog, stating their sympathy for one of its main characters.

My latest blog, Letters to David Part II, received such a comment.  This particular reader was disgruntled with what they deemed as me “sprouting (I think she meant spouting) my shit over and over again.”  She repeatedly asked me why I couldn’t “just move on” and focused heavily on the divorce papers, naively assuming, “Have you even signed the divorce papers?  I bet not.”  Au contraire dear reader, I have signed the divorce papers.

I’m going to step out on a limb here and assume that she has never been married before therefore couldn’t define the term “moving on” in relation to a divorce.  With that being said, I assure her and anyone else who might share in her judgmental notion that I have not “moved on,” I have – physically and mentally.  Emotionally, I am only human and anyone who has ever loved someone as much as I loved David would understand that.  I find it laughable and oddly familiar when my irked reader suggests that if this divorce was somehow expedited and made final then we could both just – POOF – move on!  Just as a marriage is only a piece of paper, so is a divorce.  Feelings are real.  Emotions, love – that stuff – the real stuff doesn’t just “move on.”

I’d also like to educate my reader on divorces – they’re not final just because both parties picked up a ballpoint pen and signed name to paper.  In the state of California, once all paperwork is signed and filed, it takes up to six months before I am legally able to change my name back to what it should be.  It takes six months before we are able to inform the IRS of a change in marital status.  It takes six months before the divorce is final.  Period.

When I began A Righteous Revival, I made it very clear, specifically in my second post, Leap of Faith that I had no intention of inflicting harm of any kind upon the characters involved in my stories and I stand by my word.  My displeased reader began her misdirected comment about “free speech” rights and then went as far as to accuse me of somehow hindering David from moving on.  How so?  By writing this blog?  Really?  I assure you I’ve never said, “Hey David, check out my blog” and even if I had, I’m not sure how my creation prevents him from “moving on.”  The same goes for his family – the reader suggested that my blog is hurtful and embarrassing to his family.  Again, I ask, how so?  I rarely ever talk about David’s family, nor are any of them forced to read this blog. – And that, ma’am, is the beauty of “free speech” and freedom, in general.

My unhappy reader guaranteed me true happiness if I just “sign the divorce papers and move on.”  I don’t feel any different now than before the papers were signed – I guarantee I’m happier than I have ever been in my twenty-nine years of life and I began “moving on” the day I got whacked in the back of the head with a live electrical wire.  She finally offered some unsolicited advice, “Here is an ideaQuit wallowing.  Quit thinking about yourself.”  To which I must reply:  Here is an even better idea – quit reading.


3 thoughts on “Create or Die in Silence

  1. I agree with you 110% Lindsay. No one is forcing anyone to log on and read your post. Divorce, Death, and other things that happen in life all come at a price for your heart. Each one heals and deals with it in their own way and time. God Bless you Lindsay and your gift for writing. I will be there for your 1st book signing party. With Love Joan

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