Career Advance

Up until this very moment, only a handful of people are aware that I landed my job back at the company I quit back in June – You know, the job that David insisted I was so miserable at that that could be the only possible reason why I quit?  Truthfully, freelancing was something I always wanted to be able to say I was successful at and most importantly, I needed to know I did everything in my power to “save my marriage.”  He worked nights and I was working ten to twelve hour days so I quit, much to the contrary of my supervisor’s caring recommendation.

If your marriage fails wouldn’t you rather have a stable career, benefits and income to fall back on?”  She encouraged on multiple occasions and while she was knowingly being completely rational, I did what I had to do.  I am pleased to say that I did so without regrets.  In these past six months, I have met some incredible people that I am wholly certain will be a welcomed part of my life for years to come and I was able to further nurture existing and important relationships.  My social life has not lacked in any shape or form making it possible to participate in late night/early morning activities including a musical jam session that restored one of the single greatest passions of mine, never to be lost again.

Tomorrow, I begin, again, a life of financial security, routine and a heavy workload – an exciting one, at that.  I do so with a dedicated spirit and a steadfastness that, from this day forward, only makes life changes and decisions to the benefit of myself.  This doesn’t make me selfish – In my humble opinion, this makes me intelligent, secure and strong and better suited for an intelligent, secure and strong partner.


2 thoughts on “Career Advance

  1. May God be with you through out your new life. He is there just knock and he will answer. ask and you shall receive. Have a great week

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