Deal Breaker

I’m at an age where kids are not a deal breaker for me any longer – if they were, I could potentially be missing out on a lot of really good men out there.  Unfortunately, I am not meeting the “good” men and I have made a new rule for myself in 2014 – no more going out with guys that I meet in, at or outside bars.  So far, I have run into nothing but guys who just want to “have a good time” which in layman’s terms equates to “get down your pants” and guys who send me five pictures of themselves in a matter of ten minutes because I guess they think so highly of themselves, they want every one to stare at their face.   And apparently, I run into guys who feel it unnecessary to inform me of their offspring.

I found out today that Richard, that sweet and kind guy I’ve been seeing for a little while now who was deemed my personal wine delivery boy, has two children.  Not only is it a disappointment to me but to deny the fact that you actually have kids?! What the hell kind of fucked up bullshit is that?  And deny is exactly what he did.  After discovering he had exited a fourteen-year relationship after being repeatedly cheated on, I politely asked him if he had kids to which he promptly replied, “No.”  I asked him if he wanted kids to which he confidently answered, “Yes.”

I’m curious as to how he thought he’d continue keeping that one from me.  I certainly wouldn’t want a man who negates having any kids to be the father of my children.  As I stated above, kids are not a deal breaker for me, however, lying certainly is.

Looks like I’ve dodged yet another bullet…


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