A Few Dates Later…

He sat on my living room floor, glass of Tempranillo in his left hand and he offered to help me take my Christmas tree down to the garbage once I’m ready to put away my holiday decorations.  While this is seemingly a simple and helpful gesture, it scared the shit out of me the more thought I put into it and I’m a woman so you know I put way too much thought into it.  And as a feminist, you know that last sentence was difficult for me to admit!

His name is Richard and we recently met at a piano bar I frequent on the weekends.  Three dates later and he’s been a perfectly consistent gentleman.  Last night, he showed up at my apartment with four bottles of vino, one of which we drank and the others of which he informed me were for my birthday.  Hello!  Major points for this guy as anyone who knows me well knows what a freaking wino I am and he just so happens to work for a winery.  He knows a lot about what I deem as the beverage of the Gods and I’ve been happily schooled on several occasions.

His unseasonably soft Central American skin sends me reeling with audible envy and he has eyes that smile even when the rest of his face isn’t.  He’s almost ten years older than David and while age may have just been a number once before, I have learned from experience that it has the ability to make a world of difference.  As an Angeleno native, Richard shares engaging stories of what it was like to grow up in Los Angeles in the eighties and I follow his tales with my own of a contrasting Midwest upbringing.  One of the things that I really like about him is that he doesn’t know any of my friends or the people that may be of subject in our conversations.  Sometimes, it just feels good to escape all the familiarity that comes with a close-knit group of friends and maintain what many label as a private life.  And while it’s been said that a lady should never kiss and tell, I say fuck that!  He’s a fantastic kisser!

The majority of our time spent together, aside from our movie date last week, has been spent enthusiastically conversing.  Our conversations sometimes go for five hours at a time, without recognition of the minutes being passed and sans a dull moment.   Several months ago, Richard got out of a fourteen-year relationship and though he was never married, he definitely understands the undesirable feelings of heartache after a serious commitment comes to an end.  We are both well aware of and sensitive to each other’s current situation and this honesty and communication is helpful in easing some of my reservations about dating.

I am certain I am not looking to start anything serious with anyone anytime soon and I’ve been very clear about this but there is no denying our chemistry or the fact that we thoroughly enjoy each other’s company.  To be honest, this isn’t the type of character development I am used to – the majority of my relationships have stemmed from people whom I already know that I call friends or from instantaneously passionate circumstances where “getting to know” the other person comes after I get to know their anatomy.

At the beginning of this blog, this revival, I told my readers and myself that my intentions were to do things differently going forward and thus far, if I may toot my own horn, I am achieving this with significant honors.  While I consider myself quite the open book, I have learned that a lady always needs to harbor some secrets therefore I am not sharing every little detail of my history.  Some things are better left un-reread.  And taking things slowly has never been my strong suit, as discovered in my dear friend’s words of wisdom, “You’re like a tornado, honey.”  Slowly is exactly how Richard and I are taking things and while something may or may not come of our time spent together, at least the time being spent is of quality.


2 thoughts on “A Few Dates Later…

  1. He sounds like a good man. You will know and feel when it is right. Your in my thoughts for a happy, full filling life. YOU DESERVE TO BE HAPPY!

  2. This is brilliant! He sounds lovely! I strongly believe that something a bit different is good for the soul. This is the perfect example of carpe diem and whether anything comes of it, is at the moment irrelevant, if he is making you smile! X

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