What Would Mama Do?

I’ve been missing my mother something fierce these past few days as I take note of all of the people who have come and willingly gone from my life or those I had to consciously walk away from and also as I deal with “bumps in the road” of my renaissance.  My mama had a way with wisdom and words so I often ask myself, “What would mama do?”

At the same time, there are things I do differently simply because I learned from her mistakes – My marriage being one of the major ones as I described in my “Musings for David” and also of extreme importance, my health.  My mother often refused to seek medical attention due to the unfortunate fact that she did not possess health insurance or an income that allowed for hefty expenditures.  A little over two days ago, my eight-year-old house cat ferociously attacked me and left me with a forearm of multiple scratches and worse, three deep puncture wounds, from his bite, around my left wrist.  The gory details of why these events occurred are not what I am aiming to discuss, however, suffice it to say, that I blame myself and in the almost nine years I have had my baby, never has he ever done anything of the sort to me.  What this particular blog is about is my initial reluctance to seek medical attention.  I do not have health insurance nor do I have the spare funds to accommodate such ill-fated occurrences.

As I awoke this morning to a left arm that was swollen like the Goodyear blimp and as painful as if it was broken, I realized that not seeing a doctor simply due to finances was absurd.  If there is one thing I learned from watching my mother self diagnose herself with sinus infections for a year and a half only to find out it was lung cancer all along, I learned that we’re all gonna die anyway – who cares if we die with debt?  Ironically enough, my mama also taught me that one.  She would say, “We weren’t born with our wallets and we don’t die with them either.”

I asked myself what my mama would be telling me to do, not necessarily what she would do and like so many of you have done out of the graciousness of your hearts, my friends, she would have told me to go to a doctor.  And so I did.  I am happy to report that I just began my antibiotics this afternoon and I already feel halfway to a full recovery.


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