A Message of Thanks

Tonight, I received a message in my inbox that I would like to share with you:

“When I’m sleep…I’m sleep but my phone went off at 12:35 this morning with a new email. I looked at my inbox, saw it was your blog, read it half ass asleep and went back to bed lol. Your blog literally nourishes my soul Lindsay!!! I’ve suffered from a failed marriage, divorce, loneliness, anger, a heap of random emotions and events that were traumatic to me. To see another woman experience similar events and to be so strong and courageous to share your life is simply amazing!  All I can say is thank you.  Girl I’m being soooo serious! Like you said its unfortunate that others have experienced some of the unfavorable situations but this is real life. It’s a good reminder that even the kindest soul or the person that always appears to have it together experiences life too. I was telling my girlfriend about your blog the other day and she’s like let me check it out. She called me when she was done, bawling lol because a little piece of all of us lives in you. We’ve all been through similar things and need a reminder that nothing is perfect.  You are such a positive force and your radiance is definitely going to take you places.  Much love chica!!!”

I instantly responded to this individual but to be honest, and for this, I apologize, I was quite speechless and I still am but I will do my best here.  Her message brought tears to my eyes and filled my heart with so much joy that I thought it might burst.  The above message, along with several others that I have received since beginning this blog, is why I will continue to write – I will continue to share my stories with you.  Knowing that I am succeeding in my goal of reminding at least one person that he/she is never alone sincerely makes all of the pain, the anguish and the despair worth it.  To know that friends and strangers alike are gaining something from A Righteous Revival is the driving force behind this project.  I thank you all, sincerely, from the bottom of my heart.  Let’s keep going, shall we?! :)


Would love to hear from you!

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