Sitting by the Apple Tree


I wanna talk about them apples for a moment.  Damn, they taste good!  Ironically enough, my shrink recently referred to me as Snow White but I can say for certainty, these are not poisonous apples.  These are delicious, red Galas, juicy Golden Delicious and Jonagolds, sweet Granny Smiths, and ripe Fujis!

When I first came across this quote by Louise Erdrich, it truly hit home and it hit hard.  I told myself I must live my life to the fullest – I must taste as many of the apples as I possibly can!  I began envisioning myself literally sitting in a lovely field of apple trees, shaded by its green, leafy branches, different varieties of apples falling all around my red and white, gingham picnic blanket and me going to town!

Life has broken me just as it has most likely broken you, too.  As much as my mother wished she could protect me from all of the evils of this “wild world,” she couldn’t.  I have lived alone and I have lived with others, both baring their own version of solitude.  I have yearned for love, for company and for human contact.  I have loved, been loved and no matter how much we may try not to feel the pain that sometimes accompanies love, we feel it.  It completely engulfs us with an indescribable intensity.

I’ve been betrayed and I’ve been left in the middle of the morning, day and night.  Death has brushed near, directly and indirectly.  It has robbed me of the most important person in my life and left me orphaned.  Even all of those seemingly “bad apples,” though, are necessary.  They may be bitter but I’ve learned that even in their necessity lies sweetness.

Tasting all of the apples that we possibly can leads us to make decisions not only based on our minds and our hearts but based also on our experiences.  And when you truly begin tasting as many as you can, you find a deeper sense of appreciation for the most delicious ones that you are fortunately destined to come across!  This doesn’t mean that somewhere along the way I might feel like I have no idea where I belong or where I went wrong as The Lumineers so affectingly sang, but I know that tasting them apples is all part of the exhilarating journey.  How ’bout them apples?!


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