Any Given Sunday

The technical first day of the week has become especially difficult for me as of late. It’s recently come to my attention that the dear ones I spend the majority of my time with spend the majority of their Sundays with their families. I don’t write this in an attempt to gain anyone’s pity nor am I on some sort of woe is me kick but I write this as a form of therapy, really. The end result is that I decided I must figure out something to occupy my Sunday’s, meaning I’m making a true effort to change the less than ideal situation so that my mind is unable to dwell on the unfortunate fact that I do not have family.

That last sentence I write with specifics in mind, as you’ll hear me always reiterate how my family truly is my wonderful circle of friends. Yes, I have aunts, uncles, cousins and one of my grandmothers is still around and this blog is in no way a reflection of the level of importance they hold in my life. When I state, “I do not have family,” I am simply stating that I do not get up on Sunday morning with the knowledge that I am preparing a home cooked meal with my mama and enjoying it at a dining table later that evening. I am saying that I cannot pick up the phone and relay the weekend’s whirlwind of events to her nor can I call my dad up just to say hi. My brother lives a couple of states away but our relationship has never been close thus strengthening the feeling that I do not have family. Sundays are like an endless game of tug of war taking place in the pit of my stomach.

It would be accurate to say that I greatly envy those around me that have the privilege of spending quality time with their blood, their loved ones – no matter how dysfunctional they might be. I often go to an unproductive, though thankfully small, place in my mind that argues the fairness of it all resulting in unwanted and unnecessary anger. I don’t linger there for long because I’m sincerely happy for my friends that are still able to share valuable moments with their families. I would never wish this kind of loss on anyone, though perhaps the oddest recognition of this entire issue is that I am grateful for all I have endured, for the extraordinary loss. I am grateful because I suddenly understand beyond fathomable reason that I am precisely where I am supposed to be, conducting my life the way I am intended for, even if that means sans family and lonely on any given Sunday.

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A Vulnerable Vessel and Inevitable Loss

I’ve heard it been said that we must experience the worst, what we ultimately do not want in order to fully appreciate and recognize the best, what we deserve. We become better equipped to distinguish early on if this person or this situation is something we wish to prolong or merely something we wish to rid our life of immediately. Meeting someone that acknowledges my resilience and accepts me for me – the good, the bad and the ugly – with an unexpected admiration is an extraordinary bonus in the progressive direction that my life has only begun to take.

Let me be honest with myself and you, my reader, that I do not readily accept this person’s admiration with open arms as I’ve been too busy shamefully quarreling with my however understandable, irrational fears and brooding in the darkness of a damaged heart. I’ve naturally been one to walk confidently in the direction of my fears and ultimately, I am assured that I will do so as I have already begun demonstrating those baby steps. These baby steps have not been taken without maddening anxiety and sudden tears that often accompany such fears.

I am scared as shit as I’ve found myself faced with which one cannot control no matter how hard he/she may endeavor to do so – strong feelings for another human being that will one day, one way or another, manifest themselves into loss. This is the risk our hearts take each time life introduces it to another human being or even an animal with the capacity to enrich or change our reality, be it in an instant or over time.

This may seem like an extremely dramatic and pessimistic outlook but if it’s one thing I’ve learned over the past few months, and learned the hard way as I’ve reiterated time and time again, it’s that nothing lasts forever. I do believe I’ve almost reached a level of acceptance of this depressing truth, which has delivered with it an unforeseen positivity in that the entire point of human existence begins to make more sense. Furthermore, I do not perceive loss to always constitute a sign of failure and I know there are many of you out there whom will despise my next expression and for that, I apologize in advance, but loss – it just is.

When you open up your heart, your world, to another life, you are giving that life permission to bend, break, shatter, stomp, smash, and/or destroy that vulnerable vessel. But you’re also giving that life permission to cherish, care, comfort, nourish, enrich and/or love and that, in my humble opinion, is mighty worth the inevitable loss.

If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try

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The Grass Ain’t Greener on the Other Side

After twenty-nine years of life, I finally figured out that wondering if someone actually cares about me means that they do not, or at least they do not care for me in the way that I deserve and that I need to be cared for. Feeling the need to make assumptions and conjure up excuses based off of someone else’s less than sincere actions most likely means just that – he or she is not fully sincere or is too self-involved to care about anyone as much as him or herself.

It is certainly better late than never that I’ve arrived at this rewarding understanding. And it’s a realization that is proving to take some “getting used to.”  This is when I must remind myself to take a step back, look in the mirror and allow myself to be cared for while at the same time being gentle with my learned knee-jerk reactions which include immediate doubt of even the most earnest and pure of actions as this is still a foreign concept presented to me. How glorious of a feeling, a reality to simply know the intentions of another are completely authentic and unadulterated!

The great Persian poet, Rumi, once said that one must continually break his/her heart until it is open. I think mine is opening ever so slightly, ever so slowly and being the tornado my dear friend so accurately described me as makes sloth like speed a benefit. Patience has never been my strongest suit and I’m presently learning its virtuous properties, gratefully with the unknowing help of someone I deem very special, someone I have found myself growing closer to as this illusion we call time passes.

Rumi Quote

I must confess, however, not dwell on the plain sadness of this grave subject when I state that all of my past, significant male relationships, beginning with my father, were spent wondering if I was good enough, if I was genuinely wanted, let alone perceivably needed in any way, shape or form. I know I’m not the only person my age or older having faced this reality and I dedicate this blog to all of you in similar situations and those of you whom have gratefully discovered the beautiful truth that you are worthy and someone, someday, will show you this with a seemingly effortless finesse, alongside your own gratifying self-acknowledgement.

It would be accurate to state that I once believed the majority of people behaved as if, “the grass is greener on the other side,” the idealist in me always replying that “the grass is greener where you water it,” however, in regards to this particular post, I would truthfully reply, “If you don’t water the grass on your side, someone else will come along and water it in place of you.” Can I get an amen?

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Unlearning in Progress

I, hands down, just experienced one of the most emotional weeks of my life to date. Perhaps triggered heavily by the culmination of Aunt Flo’s monthly visit, Father’s Day and Mercury in retrograde, there were definitely specifics that influenced the intensity of these emotions. Single acts, be it a statement, an unspoken glance, the hardships of an acquaintance – all came along with the ability to bring me to tears, to my knees, to a complete sob fest. Analogically, I feel like an exposed live wire, an electrical current of mega-wattage walking around on two feet – extremely sensitive and emotionally charged.

I was born with an exceptionally compassionate, empathetic heart. This has proven to be both a blessing and a curse in that I am effortlessly affected by the energies, moods and emotions of others, even those whom I am not even particularly close to. This equates even more powerfully when it comes to those whom I am particularly close to, those with whom I have shared an intimate moment with be it of a physical nature or purely platonic.

Since an early age, I was taught like so many by various scenarios and experiences, that crying in public, the visible display of any type of perceivably “negative” emotion was a sign of weakness. Self-control and composure properly trumped being emotional, raw – being real.

I can recall the threatening tone of my dad’s voice at the tender ages of four, five and six, “Stop crying or I’ll give you something to cry about.” On more than one ill-fated occasion, I discovered what that “something” consisted of and I lived the next twenty-four hours, post crying, with the imprinted reminder upon my ass. I quickly “learned” that crying greatly disturbed others, made them uncomfortable – it was wrong. And when that show of emotion couldn’t be controlled then unfortunate consequences ensued. Several years later, my husband would “teach” me that crying was a manipulative act that could be avoided and was once again, wrong.

Today, I am confronted with the inner conflict of my rational, secure self actively attempting to “unlearn” that crying in front of others, showing extreme emotion on either side of the spectrum is “wrong” – That it is, in fact, a sign of a big heart, of strength. As many of you are aware, unlearning something that has been engraved in your heart and mind for many, many impressionable years is, perhaps, one of the most difficult feats one can endeavor to take on. I’ve been reminded of this several times in the past seven days and I’m certain this is only the beginning…


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Not a Bad Thing to Fall in Love

Does everyone inadvertently fall in love or does it ever happen at will? I don’t think I’ve ever willingly said, I’m going to fall helplessly, madly in love with this individual that I barely know followed by, I’m going to want to spend all of my free time with this person that was once non-existent or an after thought to me. Wouldn’t it be complete madness if one actually went into a relationship with a person thinking that his/her plans were to fall in love, to desire fulfilling another person’s wants/needs before his/her own? Shouldn’t such individuals be placed in a straight jacket? Falling in love is like professing one’s own, inner insanity and nine times out of ten, I believe it to be completely against one’s will.

I’m no surfboarder but I reckon falling in love is synonymous with riding that perfect wave, experiencing that rush of adrenaline as the wave carries you seemingly effortlessly, gliding along the sea water, never wanting for that high to end. If only that single wave could be bottled permanently – if only the tides, the rise and fall were exclusively at our whim – perhaps then the exhilaration of falling in love with a single human being could be experienced and savored for eternity.

Can one hinder or stop the process of “falling in love” all together? Can one simply walk away from such happenings as if the very act of falling didn’t even ever happen in the first place? Is there a metaphoric off switch for the relentless desire to spend every second of your existence with a person? And if not, then how might one salvage that desire in its entirety for what our perception has proven itself time and time again to unfortunately not exist – forever?

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Happy National Best Friend Day

In honor of National Best Friend’s Day, I’d like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude for my dear friends. If friendship were about paying others back for their loyalty and kindness then I would spend many lifetimes doing so. Thankfully, friendship is about a mutual give and take, the want to do and love without the desire for anything in return. At the same time, I believe it extremely important to communicate appreciation where appreciation is due.

As I go retrospect on the last twenty-nine years of my life, people have come and gone but the most constant, timeless relationship anyone can have is that of an endearing friendship. They don’t necessarily have to be “best” friends or “lifelong” friends either. I have met a handful of people in the last ten months that have enriched my life for the better and whether or not I am granted the opportunity to spend another second with these folk, I will always stand grateful for the special moments of my unique journey that I had the pleasure of sharing with these extraordinary individuals.

It’s quite the conundrum, in fact. I possess the basic yet strong human fear of losing even more so after losing both of my parents within four months of each other, however, I do not let the fear hinder me from diving headfirst and diving deep into relationships with people whom I deem valuable. For some people, they just don’t allow others to get close. I, on the other hand, seek out the closeness, the companionship I’ve experienced with all of my friends and lovers.   This is quite the recipe for anxiety. I’ve always believed it is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all and I stand by that belief wholeheartedly but it certainly causes me to question how long until I lose yet another loved one.

It’s the support, the kindness, the love and the bond I have shared with certain individuals that gives me this strength to continue conducting my life as a giver and a lover – as one who stands, arms stretched open wide to those who wish to receive my embrace, literally and metaphorically speaking. I owe this genuine quality to all of my friends, all of the people who have crossed my path in this life and I thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart.

I send thanks to the former best friend whom I was roommates with in college who suddenly decided she didn’t want to be my friend any longer without any communication or explanation. I thank the ex-coworker turned best friend who I’ve known since 2004 who also decided to cease communication within the last few months. I send thanks to David who I once considered my best friend as well as my lover, my boyfriend turned husband. I am thankful to the erratically, spunky girl name Jina who was my close friend not once but twice after forgiving an initial falling out who almost accidentally poisoned my cat to death. I thank her for the apology she recently issued regarding the last and final fall out.

I thank my dear friend, Jimmy, for coming to my door the night I came home to find all of David’s belongings removed from the apartment we shared for several months prior to our decision to separate and divorce. I thank my beloved friend, Claudia, for providing me with clean clothing and a comfortable place to rest my head when David deliberately locked me out of our apartment. I thank Sandy for consistently coming to my side in times of my need for company – the laughs she induces and the love she endlessly provides. I thank Norma for her undying support and positivity – for sending me a care package after my cross-country move to the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn, complete with Common’s autobiography and a package of coffee grounds from “our spot” in Studio City. I thank my constant friend of almost sixteen years, Ashley, for always welcoming me with open arms no matter how much time passes, for being able to pick up right where we left off as if we just saw each other yesterday. I thank her for the “strength” key and for providing me with the chance to willingly pass on the earnest sentiment. I thank “my person” for the unanticipated text message reminding me that I am, in fact, her person.

The above are only a handful of the significant gestures that stand out in my mind. If I really wanted to go in depth and take up bundles of your precious time, I’d speak of the countless moments said friends listened to the sounds of my relentless sobs or agonizing screams on the other end of a telephone line or the encouraging words, actions and/or messages unexpectedly received from friends near and far.

I wish everyone knew how much the little things count – how the seemingly most insignificant act can create the most significant impact. Oftentimes, these are the moments that stick with us for a lifetime. I thank my friend, Kwame, for the sincere hug and thoughtful words he offered me after I attended one of his performances in New York, in which he expressed his deepest sympathies for the loss of my parents. I thank an old friend, Arielle, in which she reached out via electronic mail to express her empathy after the loss of my dear mama. I thank my soulful friend, Chanté, for the depths of her compassion, for the simple act of sharing a poem she rightfully believed will render some movement in the pit of my heart.  I thank my dear friend, Elle, who humorously offers to throw cherry bombs off of the Brooklyn bridge with me when I visit New York to enact a primal act of closure.  I thank my friend, RaShaunda as well as others, for sharing their thoughts on A Righteous Revival because one way or another, they can relate on some carnal level, the historic similarities are uncanny and for a moment in time, all involved can feel as if we’re not alone. I am simply thankful for being a sheer thought in the minds of dear friends, old and new – I always feel the love and I always will, for I was blessed with such a gift.

I honestly struggle writing blogs of such nature because mere words couldn’t possibly begin to do my gratitude justice. I can only hope that the people mentioned above and so many that I have not mentioned understand, recognize and know deep in their souls how appreciative I am for their past, present and one can only hope, their future.

Please know if you were not spoken of specifically, this in no way means that I am ungrateful. This simply means that I cannot take up any more of my readers’ time with this blog but I am eternally grateful for your friendship, for your meaningful part in the journey of my life. I can only pray and hope that I provide a significantly equal place in your life. The fact that I could go on for pages is a blessing in and of itself. I love you all with my whole heart. My love has never been in vain and never have I ever taken your time, support or love for granted.

And in honor of my number one best friend, my mama – I miss you with every single breath and I owe to you my ability to love unconditionally for you taught me the true meaning of this phenomena. I am infinitely grateful for your fervor, your strength and your passion – your boundless heart.

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Brought to You by an Overactive Mind

I think one of the most liberating feelings in the world is not feeling like you must prove anything to anyone because you live in such a way that if anyone were to speak poorly of you, others wouldn’t believe it and even if they did, you carry the truth in your heart, soul and mind which, in turn, strengthens your self worth. As humans, we tend to place a great deal of emphasis on the opinions and judgments of others causing discontentment and the rare ability to solely be gratified with our inner voice seems to be one of the roots of true happiness.


It’s a beautiful cycle when one is content with oneself because one no longer seeks the approval of outsiders as opposed to a vicious routine of seeking approval in every type of relationship. Most of those relationships are doomed from the beginning because as the old adage goes, one cannot love another if one does not love his or her self first. My, how much more lovely the world would be if each and every one of us loved ourselves, right?

This question recalls a recent conversation I had with someone special in which we discussed the pleasantries that would stem from every one appreciating diversity and loving others because of these very multiplicities. He stated that it would be cool if every one thought as I did when it came to human beings, in that I eagerly seek out their differences with a hunger to learn more, to educate myself and experience the world through a different culture, to acceptably attempt to view life through a completely different perspective even if it was something I ultimately couldn’t understand. I, in turn, stated, that my thoughts wouldn’t be as appreciated or special just as everything in this world goes. Too much of something oftentimes goes under-appreciated or taken for granted – if everyone loved them selves, would we truly ever understand the depths of compassion or caring? Are these human emotions not valid and necessary for growth?

What I’m attempting to explore through this particular blog is the idea of balance. As humans, again, we tend to get our panties in a bunch when something goes awry but is there not a balance? Is there not some sort of purpose to the chaos, a balancing act of perceived good and apparent bad? Sure, when it rains it seemingly pours and I’d like to ask my twenty-six year old self these questions when I watched my mother’s life slip away right before my eyes. I probably would have beat the shit out of anyone who posed these thoughts before me at that time and I pose them now simply as food for thought. Perhaps, not loving oneself for years and learning how to do so is the point? The journey is more important and certainly more valuable than the destination for lack of better dictum per se.  If we simply knew how to love ourselves, establish no judgment upon others and place no value upon others’ opinions from the second we escape the womb, then could we truly be grateful for the dire and blessed moments of our journey of this beautiful mess we call life – the numerous moments that demand our compassion, our undivided attention and our unadulterated love?


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‘Cause I’m a Woman, Phenomenally.

It’s been quite some time since I’ve written a blog and for this, I do apologize. It is certainly something I desire to make more of a habit though I must admit I have been quite caught up in the lovely and unexpected direction my life has taken since beginning the 100 Happy Days Challenge. That’s not to say that the sole reason my life has taken said direction is due in whole to partaking in this challenge though I can confidently state that it has had influenced it.

My full presence has taken priority over worrying about the future and mulling over an unchangeable past. And that’s not to say that I don’t have my “moments.” In all honesty, I had one this past Monday night, Memorial Day that infiltrated its way into the better part of Tuesday. As singer, Monica, once said, “It’s just one of them days that a girl goes through…” I am focused on living each moment and experiencing each given feeling at its fullest with no conscious intent of tainting it with my active fears.

A couple of weeks ago, David decided to berate me through text message with his power trip demands and control freak exclamations. The conversation ceased to exist after he stated, “…I very obviously didn’t come out on top financially from this divorce.” I am not certain how he justifies it in his fucked up mind that I somehow came out “winning” like Charlie Sheen through this disgrace of a marriage but it’s probably filed alongside the same folder that contains his delusions of why he relentlessly asked me to marry him in the first place. His complete and utter lack of learning anything in the past ten months initially outraged me but I have to let go of any hope or expectations in that area of my past.

Someone I consider close to me stated, “Do not let whatever it is ruin your weekend ready steez” to which I confidently replied, “I do not intend to allow a miserable human being rob me of any further energy.” And I stuck to my word, enjoying a long, lovely weekend with said individual.

I have since and finally found myself back on top of my finances since David and mine’s separation and while money cannot buy happiness, it can sure relieve some of life’s added stresses. With that being said and yes, I know I am all over the place this evening, so again, please forgive my squirrel syndrome, but Maya Angelou passed away today. She has always been one of my inspirations, the very definition of strength and endurance, touching and motivating so many lives with her wisdom, her words and the unimaginable struggles that she ultimately overcame with such unequivocal grace.

The first article I encountered this morning about Angelou’s passing was on The authors of this article wrote, “A literary voice revered globally for her poetic command and her commitment to civil rights has fallen silent.” I couldn’t disagree more with this statement. An individual of her artistic brilliance, with numerous popular and published works, could never possibly fall silent. It’s fitting of which I’ve written adamantly and passionately about, “Create or Die in Silence.”  Because of phenomenal women like my mama and Maya Angelou, I’ll continue to tell my story, to create, never bearing the agony of bottling it up inside ’cause I do not wish to pass in silence and ’cause I’m a woman, too, phenomenally.  Maya Angelou created an endless pathway of inspiring, encouraging and uplifting material that will remain an undying legacy for generations to come. May her creations continue to instill strength and understanding upon humankind and may she rest in peace.


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For The Pretender

I’m gonna rent myself a house in the shade of the freeway…” Jackson Browne’s lyrics caused the familiar, yet seldom these days, tears to form aqueducts along the subtle curve of my lower eye, eventually spilling over upon my flushed cheeks. This moment served as a harsh reminder of all that I’ll never be able to do for my dear mama, namely, buy her that house in the shade of the Pacific Coast Highway or along North Carolina’s seashore. By the time my mother was finally convinced by my sincere persuasion to move west, she had fallen sick and by the time we learned that it was terminal cancer, I was moving east and she was bed-ridden.

En route to El Matador State beach in Northern Malibu on a stunningly gorgeous Mother’s Day morning, I played Jackson Browne’s “The Pretender” on repeat. This was similar to the day’s events almost three years ago as I made my way to the rocky hidden gem that is El Matador to spread her ashes along the dramatic coastline. The stark difference, though, was that this occasion was conducted solo and one of a more thankfully celebratory mood.

Upon my early arrival, I took in the stretch of striking beach atop the steep cliffs, overlooking the Pacific waters, noticing that El Matador isn’t such the “hidden gem” it once was what with the scores of families and sun worshippers already lining the shore. I blame that con on the travel magazine I saw it featured in a couple of years ago. And though a desired destination beach now, I will never stop going there on these special occasions, these exclusive moments where I get to revel in the natural beauty of it all along with my mama’s spirit.

Mama's Jar of Sea glass

Mama’s Jar of Sea glass 5/11/2014

I lovingly reminisced about the moment my mother first witnessed that glorious stretch I speak of as we trekked our way down to sea level and how we spent a couple of hours walking in the sand, searching for sea glass and exploring the small caves inside the giant boulders that had found their resting spot upon the beige sands. Windblown and made tired by the excess amounts of vitamin D we had taken in that day, we sat peacefully upon a rock, delighting in the visuals before us – the endlessly crashing waves, seagulls in search of their next meal and the winding expanse of oceanfront to the south. A little over a year later, I found myself back at El Matador, solemnly spreading her remains along the shallow waves, in the sand and into the salty, ocean air.

On this particular Mother’s Day, I find myself wishing she were here to witness the woman I have become. I believe I am the best version I have ever been of myself and I would have wanted to share this with her. I think I would make her proud, as so much of this woman, this human being, I’ve become is owed to her guidance, her unwavering strength and her poignant wisdom. She deserved to know this me as much as I always wanted her to know the kind of love that fills in the missing colors in her paint-by-number dreams as Jackson Browne so affectingly describes in the final verse of “The Pretender.”

My heart sometimes literally aches at the thought of her permanent, physical absence and the tears I had begun to shed continued due to the fact that this joy, this beauty and this love that fill my heart and soul cannot be shared with the most important person in my life. In the past, I would often find myself saying that the meaning of life is love but I now believe that past sentiment to have been about 85% words whereas now, I live a life full of meaning, of love, at 110% and it’s incredibly fulfilling. I endeavor to imagine that she knows a great bliss that I do not, that wherever she may be, exists a sort of reverie unlike the kind I am presently experiencing and that one day, we will share in that.

My gratitude was in overdrive yesterday as text messages and phone calls poured in from some of the dearest people in my life:

Happy Mother’s Day to your Ma…”

I will place the flowers I bought out so your Mom can enjoy them on the balcony.”

Hi Lindsay. Thinking of you and your mom.”

You’re in my heart today sweet sister! Always, just a little extra today ;) She is so proud of you xoxo. Me, too.

All of the above beautiful sentiments were synonymously as unique and as sincere as the loving, wonderful people that sent them and that I am proud to have surrounded myself with. Stating that I am truly blessed simply doesn’t do this immense gratitude justice any longer but I know you all know that I am genuine.

I willingly spent the greater portion of my three and a half hours on the shores of El Matador beach observing the numerous, seemingly happy families – the mothers running toward the waves, carefree, with their little ones in tow, the little boy receiving a kite flying lesson from his eager Mother and the Father gleefully sliding down a small sand dune with his two young sons. All of these sights delivered more joy than the pure sadness or resentment that they used to. While I, of course, wish that I could share a simple moment as such with my mother again, especially on days like Mother’s Day, I’ll be grateful for the times that I did share with her. It was truly soul stirring and instilled within me a dream that perhaps, one day, I’ll be that mother showing my son how to fly a kite or picnicking with my little family, relishing in the second Sunday of May that is Mother’s Day.

Dear Mama, I wish I could expel all of the joy my heart is bursting with upon your deserving ears. As I sit at the edge of land, watching the Pacific Ocean live in its vibrant beauty, crashing toward the shore, beckoning, calling vigorously to my soul, it’s reminiscent of the simplistic happiness I experienced when I would come to Kansas City, to our home and share a home cooked meal with you.  Happy Mother’s Day to you today, everyday, forever and always.

I (HEART) U with mama's pic in the sand 5/11/2014

I (HEART) U with mama’s pic in the sand 5/11/2014

With Love,


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And You Let Her Go.

Tonight, I’ve been sitting upon my living room floor on a comfy beanbag my lovely neighbor graciously gave me last week, staring out the living room window toward the stunning Verdugo Mountains. I am diligently working on freelance for some dear friends’ band that I wholeheartedly believe in and wish to witness succeed beyond all of their current successes. I am awestruck amidst the beauty before me, the ever-changing watercolors from the westward sunset dancing, gliding down the mountainsides and through the endless crevices. I’m relishing in the south bound breeze wafting through the open windows, caressing my bare arms, sending welcomed chills up my spine and the strong scent of recently burnt sage mixed with fresh valley air. While I’m wishing that each and every one of you could enjoy this experience and sensory alongside me, I am also grateful for my solitude.

So much has changed in the couple of weeks since I began the #100HappyDays challenge and since last month’s glorious blood moon. The sudden transition I have been joyfully surrendering to has unexpectedly rendered me high on this awesome journey we call life. This submission continues to open my heart, mind and soul to so much unspeakable beauty and I’m finding myself maneuvering through life with a feather like weight where a boulder used to lie. That’s not to say that I’m oblivious to life’s many trials and tribulations or others’ struggles as I am very much aware. It’s to say that I have discovered effectively new ways to tackle these inevitable obstacles.

I have found myself at a blessed point in the life of A Righteous Revival where writing about David is no longer necessary nor desired though I do find it essential to mention the fortunate outcome of tax day. If you recall, David was hell bent on having me pay for any tax liability that may be owed to the IRS. I informed him that this was not how things were gonna go down, that he would be held responsible for half of whatever may be owed, thus we agreed through text message that we would file “Married, Filing Separately.” I will spare you all of the minute, mundane details, however, after four hours of my crunching numbers through twelve months of expenditures, I did not owe a single penny to state nor Federal. In fact, I am receiving a refund this year and David owes the state of California.

Our generously pleasant tax professional even informed him that if we were to file together, as a married couple, we would receive an additional $82 on our federal refunds. This must have either flew over his head or his foot was stuck so far in his mouth that it was inhibiting his brain from functioning at a logical level. Either way, I’m one happy American tax-paying citizen. The real day-maker came after the tax consultant informed me that so long as my divorce is consecrated final by December 31st, then the state of California considers me single for the entire calendar year of 2014 thus we will not have to do our taxes together again. In other words, Thursday, April 24th was the last time I will ever have to lay eyes on David or breathe the same recycled air as him.

I am sure there will be additional blog posts about him for sake of a well-rounded story however it’s worth stating that I have finally and wholly let go. I am able to mourn the loss of him in what I deem as a healthily appropriate manner, in a manner free of the longing, the wishing and the desire for a clarity that will never be delivered. Someone near and dear to me recently asked, “Do you still love him?” My honest response was, “I think I’ll always love the person he once was or may have never been.”

I dedicate this song in memory of the David I once knew…

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Global issues, travel, photography & fashion. Drifting across the globe; the world is my oyster, my oyster through a lens.

Psychomotor Space Station

Confessions of a secret neurotic

Vegetarian GF

a blog for the super cool gluten-free vegetarians


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